Pricing a Cake

A dilemma that many people often face is, they a bake a cake for someone, what should they charge them for the cake? The answer to that of course is, are you baking it for a friend or family which, if that is the case, do you want to charge them anything or are you doing it as a gift? If though the answer is that you are not doing it as a favour or a gift, then you should be baking it with the intention of making a profit.

To ensure that you are charging a fair price and at the same time, making a profit, you need to do several things. First you must list all the ingredients that you will use in the cake. Don’t leave anything out as, even if you only use a pinch of something, you will eventually have to replace that ingredient and so want to ensure that you have at least covered the cost of it through you cake sales. So having listed each of the ingredients, put a price against each, dependent on the amount of each ingredient you used. Then add to that the cost of baking. Obviously different cakes either made of different ingredients or of differing sizes, take different times to bake and so work out a per ½ hour price guide which must at least cover the cost of the gas or electricity you used and then multiply it by the time it took to bake. Add the cost of the ingredients together with the cost to bake, add a percentage mark up. When considering the mark up, don’t forget that it must at least cover the cost of you going to the store to restock. This will make up the first part of your bill.

Next you must consider the time that it took to get the ingredients together, mix them and then bake the cake. If you are not sure what your labour cost should be, phone a local bakery and ask how much they pay their baking staff per hour, your time is worth at least the equivalent of that.

As far as the decorating of the cake goes, you should once again work out the cost of the ingredients in the same way as you did for the cake itself. Plus of course you have to also add a cost for your time and in doing so, you may want to charge more than you did for the making of the cake as this is a more intricate and delicate task. Once you have added all these things together, you should have an accurate price to ask for your troubles and labour.
If you need further assistance you can view bake calc on the internet. Remember though, you are not doing yourself or any other cake baker a favour by undercharging, you may only create a cake price war where all the cake makers will lose, if someone wants a cheap cake, let them look in a supermarket for one that has been made en-masse.

Prepare Food For People Today

Do you have some guests coming over to your place and you want to impress if not merely provide for them? If yes then you should try to make food preparations ahead of time or hire someone or a group of people to give you assistance. That’s because cooking for people can be quite stressful—especially if you have not had the experience of preparing for a lot of people. If you know how to cook meals and want to make preparations independently, you should consider preparing meals in advance. If your choice is to hire an individual or a group of people instead, you should look for a personal chef in singapore or hire a catering service instead. Before you start making arrangements, you should plan first. That’s so you would be able to handle your situation systematically. No matter how small or large your gathering would be, you should make plans first so that you would not only be able to use your resources wisely but also prevent problems associated with cramming.

If you’ve decided that you’re going to prepare food all on your own, you should try to count the money that you have first and the number of people that are going to visit your place. If you can’t afford to provide specific food items, don’t. It’s just not wise to be in debt just because of a gathering. You still have the option to provide food to people even if you have a few resources available. With your limited resources in mind, you should just search for some food suggestions that are fit for your budget. On the internet, there are many sites that have not only ingredients but also instructional videos on how to cook specific meals. If you can’t afford to provide viands and the likes, you could just give snacks to guests plus some beverages. When you do prepare, it’s important that you shop for ingredients early since you can’t be too sure about their availability.

If you can afford it, you can go for a catering service instead. When you get assistance from a caterer, you could make certain that your guests are catered to and also enjoy the gathering that you’ve set yourself. If you want to mingle with guests and have stress relief then this is something that you should go for. Do take note, however, that you should choose a reputable catering service that you can manage to pay for later on. That’s because not all caterers can help.

Although employing one might be costly, you could also try hiring a chef near you. With this type of professional, you could really serve quality food to the people who would be visiting you. Basically, an expert cook is someone who not only has the knowledge and training when it comes to the culinary arts but also the proper equipments that can help in creating tasty and classy meals. With a chef, you could have someone who can help you not only come up with great foods but also fresh ones as well.


At first, learning to cook may let you find it easier. But learning first about the tools of the trade inside the kitchen gives you an advantage than any other average person who know how to cook or bake. You can have an advantage towards making a career out of it too.

One thing is you can teach how to cook once you have the experience and the right knowledge. From basics to the complicated ones, you know the drill from the inside out. You can then teach them the basic tools needed for the process.
Watching the video below is one of them, so enjoy.